Since its introduction in the early 1970’s Project Learning Tree has been recognized as one of the premier environmental education programs in the world. PLT uses the forest and trees as “windows” into the natural and built environments, helping students gain awareness of the world around them and their place in it.

Curriculum guides include
the Pre K-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide as well as secondary modules for middle and high school as well as post-secondary audiences. A sample of activities includes: “Adopt a Tree”, “Tale of the Sun”, “Tree Cookies”.

For secondary educators, five 
secondary modules available in PLT’s Exploring Environmental Issues series. They include: Focus on Risk; Focus on Forests; Municipal Solid Waste; Forests of the World; and Places We Live.

Project Learning Tree’s early childhood education guide, Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood, was developed especially for educators of children ages 3-7.

PLT in Maine is sponsored by the 
Maine TREE Foundation.  Visit www.plt.org for more information about Project Learning Tree’s National Programs, or contact Pat Maloney, Maine PLT Coordinator for more information about PLT workshops in Maine.


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