Activity #1: The Shape of Things

In the University of Maine Forest, Maine PLT facilitator, Joanne Alex, reads aloud a story about shapes in the human world then uses a simple, paper “shape necklace” to hunt for shapes in nature. She shows us how to make different shapes out of twigs and then give us a challenge. Access activity resources from Project Learning Tree

Activity 23: The Fallen Log

Watch Maine PLT’s Laurie Haines as she explores rotting stumps in her backyard, then download a data sheet and head outdoors to find out who’s living on rotting stumps and logs in your own backyard!

Activity #69: Forest for the Trees

Join Maine PLT’s Anita Smith on a tour of forest management areas in the China (Maine) Schools Forest.  The classroom version of this activity has students acting out trees’ growth in different areas, whether being managed for wood products, wildlife, or recreation. In this tour, we see the real silvicultural strategies in action on the ground.   In each area, we answer the question, “What do you notice here?” then learn why you might want to use each technique to meet your goals.  Anita leaves us with a challenge:  to get a packet of flower seeds and try out some of these strategies for growing our own “forest garden” on the ground or in a tub. 

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Activity #76: Tree Cookies

From the China, Maine school forest, Anita Smith shows us how to be a Tree Detective, using what we learn from her about the rings and markings on stumps and logs to figure out what the lives of trees might have been like. She demonstrates a simple art project we can do to show the patterns of growth in our own lives, and we leave with a challenge to go outside and explore the stumps and logs in our own backyard!

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